My career and areas of expertise cross a variety of disciplines including teaching and learning, critical and creative thinking, economics, public policy analysis, and the study of decisionmaking by individuals and within organizations. I have a sustained and compelling interest in helping people, adolescent through adult, to use critical and creative thinking to build meaningful and rewarding lives for themselves. My current research interest is in building and sustaining vital creative and learning communities.

In my career have taught in elementary and secondary school as well as at three major universities in three states, have been a school district specialist in curriculum and pedagogy for advanced learners, have worked for local government and the federal government, and have served as a private consultant and as a coach of teachers and of students.

I am an avid volunteer in my community in several settings, including the local community college, where I provide classroom support in Adult Basic Education, and the art museum, where I am a wandering docent. I have also volunteered online through United Nations Volunteers.

I have written two books, twenty-five years apart, one about using back-of-the-envelope calculations in policy decisions and the other a novel about collaborative creative community.


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