A Cottage Industry

I have always been captivated by the romance of the cottage industry. Imagine a cheerful cottage in the woods, me sitting busily in bright skirts surrounded by books and handcrafted this-and-thats, joyfully creating lots of some wonderful thing, each unique.

Switch to reality.

There is a fundamental, glaring problem with this picture. Anyone who knows me knows that everything I know how to do happens between my ears, even if that is eventually translated into voice and writing.

Oh, but I have tried. Twenty years ago, sustained by a habit of attending crafts fairs, I tried making dolls. I made felt and cloth and porcelain, crochet and clothespins. I did this when my second daughter was little, and taking care of her kept me in the house much of the time.

But the second fundamental problem entered the picture. Selling anything is definitely not part of the romance. Accumulating lots of something isn’t either.

I am pleased to announce, then, that as of this month, my traditional month for embarking on new undertakings, I have launched a little cottage industry that fits both my marginal manual competencies and my lack of interest in accumulation or sales.

There is a secret element to the project, so I won’t share the details. I will just say that it is called Finders Keepers and is a sort of public art on the creation side of found objects.

Two are made, one blue and one yellow. I will report on how it goes.

Do you also launch new creative projects in Fall?


About reflectionsandrotations

I'm an educator and coach with a special interest in fostering creative thinking, designing effective learning environments, and building communities of learners
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