Ever since I became a freelance educator and researcher with a growing and shifting portfolio of projects, the courage to push into the unknown and unpredictable has been particularly vital. An entrepreneurial or creative mindset requires a willingness to take risks and, in fact, to balance risk in ones portfolio of activities. Some gambits entail more risk than others of not creating leverage for further work, but all tend to have rewards in terms of learning.

Here are a couple of principles from Box of Crayons today that are right on point:

Courage is knowing that the story will end somehow – and you’ll likely find good in it.

Courage fades when you need to know exactly how the story ends.



About reflectionsandrotations

I'm an educator and coach with a special interest in fostering creative thinking, designing effective learning environments, and building communities of learners
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One Response to Courage

  1. WildC says:

    When you need to know beforehand how the story ends, creativity also dies…and the possibility for adventure!
    It can be hard to recognise when fear has locked you in that mindset though…

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