Ownership and Responsibility

Think for a moment of the organizations of which you are a part- your family, neighborhood, city, workplace, religious community, community of hobbyists, professional association, your profession itself…

What does it mean to you to be a good citizen of that space? To what are you committed?


About reflectionsandrotations

I'm an educator and coach with a special interest in fostering creative thinking, designing effective learning environments, and building communities of learners
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5 Responses to Ownership and Responsibility

  1. annewestlund says:

    If I’m the leader of a group I have a much greater investment in the “ownership and responsibility” of the group. In fact, if I’m just a group member I’m not nearly as effective or interested or responsible to the group. That’s just me!


    • It is interesting. I don’t think in terms of leaders and followers at all typically. I see most situations as working best with a fully collaborative orientation in which each person brings what she can do it, regardless of any sort of official status distinctions.

      • annewestlund says:

        I don’t see it as status. It’s the amount of care and love I bring to the group (ideally). If it’s not my group, I don’t care as much. Like my offline writing group here in Ocean Shores; I didn’t start it; it’s not my group; and I don’t go very often. Most people never start a group (it seems to me), so they probably do bring a lot to a group and feel invested, even if it’s someone else’s group. In college I took a group decision making class and learned (by experience!) that someone has to be officially in charge and want to lead the group or the group tends to flounder. Ideally, a group can agree on rules, activities, and codes of behavior, but if there isn’t someone in charge of the key to the building, calling people, and/or giving direction to the group, well, it’s not pretty!

  2. WildC says:

    I’m committed to empowering others to grow and take action.
    I am attentive to what makes someone tick and then I watch out for an opportunity in which their particular unexpressed/unused qualities or passions are needed. I was given a good bit of advice by someone who has been involved in many organisations: When one of those ‘opportunities’ arises, go to the person and ask for ‘help’ with this particular scenario. Works like a charm! They think they are helping you out and you watch as they become empowered in their new role šŸ™‚

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