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The Limits to Reflection

Heidi Grant Halvorson, author of the Science and Success blog and also blogger for the Harvard Business Review, shares the results of three or four decades of research that say that our own ratings of our personality traits, like open-mindedness, … Continue reading

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Ever since I became a freelance educator and researcher with a growing and shifting portfolio of projects, the courage to push into the unknown and unpredictable has been particularly vital. An entrepreneurial or creative mindset requires a willingness to take risks … Continue reading

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Ownership and Responsibility

Think for a moment of the organizations of which you are a part- your family, neighborhood, city, workplace, religious community, community of hobbyists, professional association, your profession itself… What does it mean to you to be a good citizen of … Continue reading

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The Critical Thinking Paradox

As an educator, one of my priorities has long been to assist students in developing and refining their skills in critical thinking. In almost any discussion of educational priorities, in fact, there will be few people of any background who … Continue reading

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Books on the Bus: Creative Writing Meets Creative Reading

Seattle as a community is well known for its embrace of creative practice and entrepreneurship, a passion for reading, a belief in social action, and, of course, living green. From grassroots hacking of urban spaces, to local government experiments in multi-income community … Continue reading

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The Problem with Sweeping Generalizations

Some months ago I read a book assembled by Edge in which the best thinkers of our time were asked to offer a single principle of thought that is vital to clear thinking but often absent in our cognitive toolkits. One … Continue reading

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What Gives Me Comfort

I have in recent weeks read multiple warnings that we are becoming more stratified in our world. On the one hand we have those who have the comfort in life to pursue their interests and pleasures in good health, and on the … Continue reading

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