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Duration as a Design Feature

One of the first considerations for a professional who designs learning communities is the issue of duration.  In particular, is the community intended to be short term, what designers call provisional, like a one-off situated learning encounter or a temporary project team? … Continue reading

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Something Is Missing, So …

We meet to pool our efforts, motivated by a need to change the landscape outside and inside, a need to think, a need to integrate the work of the artist, the intellectual, and manual laborers that we are into a … Continue reading

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Does it sometimes seem …?

Does it sometimes seem that too many people spend too much time strategizing about how to market their ideas (or product or service) better and too little time investing in making their ideas, product, or service really great? Does it sometimes seem … Continue reading

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What Is Intuition?

One of the cornerstones of popular culture and behavior in modern times is a profound belief in intuition. Regardless of how much, or how little, information or experience a person has in a particular area, it is common to hear people … Continue reading

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Musical Collaborations

As a designer of learning communities and a student of human collaboration in all its forms, I have had some wonderful opportunities recently to hear accomplished writers and artists talk about their ways of collaborating, their challenges in working together, … Continue reading

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